The Barcelona Challenge presents metrics, in the form of a toolkit, to help grasp the positive impacts the commitment to action could entail in practical terms for engaged cities, their citizens and the climate.

This toolkit can be used to estimate the projected magnitude of the reduction of GHG emissions of the food policies adopted by cities committed to the Challenge, based on the current conclusions established in international scientific research. The toolkit also enables the user to estimate other multi-dimensional benefits (socio-ecological benefits and economic returns) of adopting specific actions to deliver healthy and sustainable diets for all.

To obtain an estimation of the projected positive impacts, cities must first introduce in The Barcelona Challenge for Good Food and Climate Toolkit the actions they are committed to deploy within the framework of the Challenge, and the aspirational quantitative targets of those actions. This toolkit does not provide exact figures for a specific context and it cannot be used to compare the ambitions of cities evolving in different realities. It cannot be seen as a calculator.
Note that the projected benefits will be distributed along different territorial and administrative levels, also beyond the city boundaries.

The toolkit allows cities to trial several times with different targeted inputs before finally committing. Once the city has its final set of actions, has input the overall quantitative target ambition and received an estimate of the resulting benefits, it can upload the City's Official Commitment to the website, filled and signed by the representative of the City Council.

To complete the process, follow these steps:

STEP 1. Download and read the Toolkit guideline and the City's Official Commitment Word documents. Use the City’s Official Commitment and use it as a working template as you go through the next steps.

STEP 2. Press START and select the actions the city is planning to work on in the timeframe 2021-2030. Select at least one action in 3 of the six categories. You can add custom actions. Finally press COMMIT.

STEP 3. Estimate the overall quantitative objectives of the committed actions for each of the targeted inputs required and insert them in the data fields of The Barcelona Challenge’s Toolkit. Click on SUBMIT and you will get the expected annual projected benefits. If you want to change the expected annual projected benefits you can edit the data fields under Targeted inputs and click on RECALCULATE.

STEP 4. Once you are happy with the final commitment in terms of actions, targeted inputs and expected annual projected benefits, transpose them in the City's Official Commitment Word document and save it. Click on UPLOAD OFFICIAL COMMITMENT SIGNED on the online Toolkit page you landed on after STEP 3.

STEP 5. Type in your contact data, upload the City's Official Commitment document signed and press SUBMIT.

STEP 6. You will receive a confirmation email and your commitment will be publicly visible on The Barcelona Challenge website.