Tel Aviv Yafo

Expected Annual Projected Benefits

4,380 tCO2eq


1,571,930 US$


41,351.6 US$






18,000 m3


Actions commited

Action 1.1

Create a working group/Department responsible for coordinating sustainable and healthy food policies within local government, ensuring transversal cooperation between at least the following municipal departments: economic development, health, environment, education, security, social rights and equality, in order to strengthen the agro-ecological transition, provide multilevel policy coherence, whilst ensuring urban/rural partnership.

Action 1.2

Strengthen stable partnerships and cooperation between local administrations and civil society, community organisations, business sectors and other stakeholders committed to ensuring the right to food for all, through the co-production of just, healthy, nutritious and sustainable food policies.

Custom actions

Custom Governance Action

Municipal steering committee – Development of a fair, healthy and sustainable urban food policy through collaborations with the municipal units and with external stakeholders. The committee will assemble 2 meetings per year.

Custom Sustainable Diets and Nutrition Action

“Changing the menu” of youth organizations activities, including regular meetings, day-hikes, holiday camps etc. We will work with the Tel-Aviv Scouts movement to improve the menu by making it healthier and more sustainable. We allocated the financial means to purchase cooking aids and tools in order to enable better cooking and food handling. The “cooking parents” of the municipal scouts will have the necessary education provided by the food program, including dietitian's consulting. During 2022-2023 we are working mainly with the Scouts. Starting 2024, the city will work to expand the program to the all youth movements in the city. + The program promote greater access to Planetary Health Diet by serve and/or sell healthier food items which are also sustainable in community centers and municipal office buildings (both open to serve the public or only for employees). In order to do so, policy-paper which include detailed menus, recipes and guidelines will be published. In a gradual manner, tenders will be adjusted. In addition, action to re-build or renovate kitchen to enable better and healthier food preparations will take place.

Custom Social and economic Equity Action

Food Bank for Asylum Seekers in South Tel Aviv Yafo: There are approximately 33,500 Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers and other undocumented people living in Israel, most residing in the impoverished neighborhoods of South Tel-Aviv. Asylum seekers face a harsh reality in Israel, living without permanent status, access to vital health and welfare services and more. The humanitarian crisis triggered by COVID-19 resulted in increased vulnerabilities amongst asylum seekers and exposure to many risks, such as, homelessness, health and safety, food insecurity, and more. In order to address the acute food insecurity within the community, a food bank was established in July, 2021 in cooperation with the Lasova Association and The Tel-Aviv Foundation, with in-kind support of dry food and fresh vegetates from "Latet", and "Leket" organizations. The food bank for asylum seekers and other undocumented people is a unique project, and the first of its kind in Tel Aviv. The food bank provides a culture of respect and customer service for its clients; the experience is exactly like shopping in a grocery store, except the food is free! The food bank supplies dry food products, such a pasta, rice, flour, green lentils, orange lentils, tuna, tomato paste, canned beans, canned chickpeas, canned corn, and cooking oil. We also provide fresh vegetables, and occasional dairy products and hygiene products. Clients can shop independently and choose from a variety of fresh and healthy options for their families, instead of receiving a pre-packed bag of groceries. Another component of the food bank program addresses nutrition education and developing healthier habits. The program will expand to provide a holistic approach to food and nutrition security by ensuring the community has access to food, alongside increasing nutrition education and awareness.

Custom Food Waste Action

"We do not throw money into the trash and preserve the value of food": In this category we have two main directions of action. 1. Making programs accessible to young people, the elderly ages and families. Also we have focus on special populations and understanding their special needs such as ultra-Orthodox group. The programs will be on the subject of food waste by promoting 40 dedicated lectures during 2022 in order to provide skills for actions to prevent food waste, especially among household consumers. Due to our understanding that the biggest food waste is in household consumption. The 40 lectures will be held in different format like workshops, discourses and short term and long-term oriented courses. During the lectures and the courses, will be dedicated what's app groups for the participants for implementing the participates in a daily routine. The lectures will be delivered by different stakeholders of leading organizations and NGOs that are specialized in the field of food waste and sustainable nutrition. 2. " The Tel Aviv-Yafo Green Jade Project" The Green Yarkania is an environmental project jointly designed by jade growers throughout the city and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's Environment and Sustainability Authority - designed to reduce the impact of surplus quality and edible vegetables and fruits and preserve the environment. As part of the project, 10 greengrocers throughout the city, including Jaffa, Hatikva Market, Levontin and more, therefore offer 2 solutions: 1. "Take fruit" box - free fruits and vegetables, rescue before dumping (free box). 2. "Fruits and vegetables with character" box - fruits and vegetables at a discounted price (discounted box). In addition, some vegetable growers encourage the use of reusable bags by providing a benefit, and in the future plan to dispose of organic waste in composters (depending on field conditions).

Targeted inputs

Overall aspiration of the food policies committed to The Barcelona Challenge.